We are craft bakers who make organic bread and cakes

Ancient grains
Ancient grains for our health, stone milled to keep flour whole, big loaves so that bread can last a few more days, changing smell and texture as the days go by.
Hard grains:
Faraone (turanicum), Biancolilla, Tumminia (timilia), Perciasacchi, Russello, Bidì (margherito)
Soft grains:
Spelt , Rye, Macina, 5-7 Cereals, Maiorca
100% Buckwheat:
if you are gluten intolerant or you simply want to enjoy gluten free bread, this small loaf is the right one
Savoury products:
our doughs leaven for 48 hours. Only sourdough, extra virgin olive oil and whole sea salt are added.
Large and small pizzas (pizza pans 45 and 24 cm diam.), small gluten or gluten free focacce, hand-pulled breadsticks, panzerotti, croissants, tigelle and piadine.
Our Special Products:
unique for the type of dough and for the ingredients that enrich them.
Bread with figs, apricots and seeds. Bread with nuts. Bread with Modica chocolate. Sweet and savoury pan brioche.
And cakes?
Simple, with few seasonal ingredients and never perfect because those childhood scents are still there, in your nostrils, in your soul, and you are aware that “an imperfect cake is the memory of a love that will never fade away.”
How do we make our cakes? It’s high-quality raw materials and not fats that provide flavour. Our desserts are good for everybody. We simply use wholemeal flours, cold-pressed corn oil, cocoa butter from environmentally-aware farming, maple syrup, dulcita, vegetable drinks and no synthetic or animal-derived emulsifiers.
Our cakes are good for lactose and gluten intolerant people too: excluding an allergen does not spoil taste. Some of our cakes are made using gluten-free wholemeal flours (buckwheat, corn, rice, hazelnut and almond).
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