Biomadre world, which began taking its first steps in 2015, is growing every day with the aim of protecting food biodiversity and giving life to a working model based on inclusion, trust and the enhancement of the individual as a person capable, beyond the weight and content of the baggage he brings with him, to make a valuable contribution to the society.

We believe in a society where it is possible, every day, to preserve the environment by giving space to those agricultural methods that do not involve the use of industrial machinery but, on the contrary, are totally based on the direct relationship between man and the power of the earth. , a combination that is nourished by courageous choices and the desire, through one's daily work, to put the health of consumers and the return to the most authentic flavors in the foreground.
We pursue this goal by supporting the so-called border agriculture and using only plant-based solutions for our culinary proposals, preparations not subjected to industrial processes and the result of supply chains that do not involve the use of monoculture.
In this way, we protect the biodiversity and fertility of the soils and we are certain that the end user is not a simple food product, but the result, tasty and genuine, of a path of celebration of nature in its most visceral essence and authentic, today often overshadowed by those who forget that, even when it comes to flavors, the mother earth alone is able to give us wonders every day.

We dream of a world in which anyone can have the possibility, regardless of the obstacles encountered (and overcome) during the journey of life, to find (or rediscover) a place in the world through a career path based on trust in the potential of every single human being. and not on control.
We strive every day to go beyond the concept of skill. We do this by proposing internship and training courses at our laboratory in Como Le Golose Imperzioni. It is a question of opportunities for those who, having behind them personal problems that have led to exclusion from the working universe and, consequently, to the extinguishing of that fire of awareness and self-esteem that should characterize the life of every person, wants to start writing a new page of their existence.

We take the customers who choose us by the hand and lead them to discover a world of transparency, health, taste and well-being. Having a direct relationship with the farms, we can guarantee the traceability of each supply chain, as well as the use of balanced products from a nutritional point of view and characterized by that simple and true taste of the food of the past, but, above all, thanks to the love for nature and the perfect flow of its rhythms.
In relation to the suppliers with whom we interact every day, we place a very clear responsibility in the foreground. We want, through the construction and growth of profound synergies, to walk side by side with border farmers and make our contribution to a network of these entrepreneurs who have been able to throw their hearts over the obstacle, choosing every day to live first person the beauties and the continuous challenges that nature places before.
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